Frequently Asked Questions


How long will it take for my submission form to be received and vetted?

Once submitted you form will be sent directly to our database where a member of our customer relations team will access and vett the form and then submit to our planning team who will deal with the objection.

What is meant by a submission form being vetted for constraints?

We need to make sure there is sufficient time between receipt of objection until the deadline set by the council for any objections to be made to the application. This is set at a minimum of 21 days before the deadline. Any submissions received after this time period will not be actioned due to time constraints

What happens if I submit a form and make the payment but it is too late for you to act?

If this happens all payment made to Planning Objections UK will be refunded to the client

What happens if I want to increase my level of representation after work has started?

It is possible to increase the level by which we will represent you. Simply let one of our customer relations team know the level of cover you would like to increase toand then pay the differance in cost and we will begin the process of working with you on the new level of service.